About me


My name is Andi, aka Andi Linquent, and I have come to the realization that I am a roller derby lifer. I try to leave, and it pulls me back in. I am constantly redefining what roller derby means to me, and what my role within the community is.

I started playing in 2010 with the Deathbridge Derby Dames based out of Lethbridge, Alberta. I moved to Calgary in 2012 and skated with the Calgary Roller Derby Association (CRDA) for the Cut-Throat Car Hops and the CRDA all-stars. As an all-star, we travelled all over the place to compete with some of the best teams in the universe. My last game with the all-stars was against Rat City, and I was happy to leave on that note in 2015.

Now I have begun a new journey in derby. I currently skate with East Side Wheelers, coach juniors at Rockyview Junior Roller Derby, and also coach my old team, the Cut-Throat Car Hops.

I am a mom of 4 (two of which are teenagers, yuck!!) and 1 step-kid. Parenting teenagers is tricky business, which is why I couldn’t commit to the all-stars going forward and had to find a more viable way to be involved in derby. My teens need so much time, it is pretty ridiculous actually. I also live with my 2 partners (yes, you read that right… OMG), have 2 adorable kittens, and 1 tarantula named Rosie.

I am excited for this new version of derby, a renewed sense of self and the positive shift in my life.